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Sugimoto loose leaf green teas

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organic teas grown by a family-owned company in shizuoka japan. super high quality, always fresh and intense. check out their story at

sen cha: Their signature Sen Cha. "Fukamushi." refers to the deeper (longer) steaming process after the harvest. This extra steaming time results in finer leaves, and the taste is richer and more full-bodied than regular Sen Cha. Depending on steeping conditions, it has a bit of sweetness and outstanding fragrance.

genmai cha: Special blend of Genmai Cha and stone-milled Matcha, the powdered green tea for traditional tea ceremony. The added Matcha gives Genmai Cha a smooth body and vivid emerald-green color. Genmai Cha is a toasty, nutty tea and is one of Japan's most popular varieties.

kuki cha: Kuki Cha is made of young twigs and stems separated during the Sen Cha refining process. Twigs have a natural sweetness, making Kuki Cha a beloved beverage of many tea drinkers in Japan because of its unique, pleasant flavor.

hoji cha (not pictured): Hoji Cha is roasted green tea. Many tea companies use Ban Cha to make Hoji Cha, but our Hoji Cha is roasted Kuki Cha. The tea's pleasing flavor, golden-brown color and low caffeine content make it appealing to tea drinkers of all ages.

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