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sugimoto organic green teas

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Sugimoto Seicha started with the 1st generation, Zenichi Sugimoto peddling his handmade sencha on the streets of post-war Shizuoka in 1946. His teas were so well-liked by the locals, that soon it was necessary to build a factory to meet the higher demands. We proudly use Sugimoto organic teas in our restaurant izanami.

Organic ceremonial matcha
Ceremonial Matcha is made from the most tender, hand-picked young leaves of the Saemidori cultivar. Compared with Daily Matcha, it possesses a smoother and more savory flavor and a sweeter aroma. 
Ceremonial Matcha is suitable for serving in Japanese tea ceremony, welcoming esteemed guests, or indulging in the finest of green teas during times of relaxation. 1 oz tin. 
Daily Matcha has a bolder flavor than Ceremonial Matcha and is great for use as an ingredient. 
Enjoy Daily Matcha in ice cream, lattes, smoothies, cookies, cupcakes… the possibilities are limitless! 2 oz box. 

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