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japanese condiment kit


we love condiments, especially of the japanese variety! this reusable, insulated lunch bag contains: a 275 ml bottle of HAKU soy sauce from japan, 290 grams of yuzu mayonnaise and 300 grams of shichimi, japan's addictive 7 spice mix.

HAKU soy sauce is made in Kyoto by master craftsmen with premium ingredients----this will completely change your idea of what soy sauce really is! Haku Mizunara Whiskey Barrel Aged Soy is aged in Japanese whisky barrels made of Mizunara, a Japanese hard wood, used to make some of the finest Japanese whiskies. Mellow & slightly sweet, smokey. The Cherry Blossom soy is made with a lighter, white shoyu infused with preserved cherry blossoms, and aged for one year.  Light, delicate, with a distinct aroma of flowers, use for dipping at the table.

All natural and loaded with Yuzu, Hotaru Yuzu Mayo is a traditional Japanese Mayonnaise, meaning it is dense, firm, rich and luxurious. This is achieved by using high-in-acidity Yuzu Fruit as the acidifier and tons of eggs compared to the common Mayonnaise. Completely addictive with fries, on a sandwich, or as a dip for practically anything!

Finally, shichimi is Japan's go-to spice mix, featuring a custom blend of seven tastes: red chili pepper, sansho, orange or yuzu peel, black and white sesame seeds, hemp seed and nori. Imported from Japan, this mix is perfect sprinkled on almost anything. Trust us!



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